Last year’s news today!

Well, it turns out that my last post was overly optimistic and I didn’t get round to it till Spring / Summer. Here’s some very late breaking news: Our album Instant Happiness came out last November. Clearly keeping an up to date blog is not my thing. This news page is now on hold, but the band is still going. We’re on Facebook now, so i) you can get our news there, and ii) its designed-in addictiveness means I spend far too much time on there and so don’t have time to do this, or anything else, properly. We’re also on Twitter but I don’t like it much so am hardly ever on there.

Better late than never?

Yeah, I am totally not on this, but our first single, Borrowed Time, was released by our label Irregular Patterns last Tuesday (November 2nd). I’m so behind on it that they’ve even released the second single and video, All Your Lives Are Dreams Played Inside My Head, since then as well. Anyway, both are available on all the usual digital music outlets, and the videos are up on YouTube on the Irregular Patterns channel. Both were made by audio-visual artist Eszen, to whom we are very grateful.

The Instant Happiness album release is next week, and the last video (Orange Paint) on November 30th. Expect me to post about them sometime in early 2022. Yikes.

Instant Happiness vinyl

I totally forgot to post about this (which won’t surprise anyone who knows me or just looks at how often I post) but the limited edition orange vinyl of Instant Happiness is now available. It looks and sounds great, and the artwork is particularly awesome on the reverse board sleeve. You could just hang it on the wall. It’s available from Rough Trade records in Bristol, or you can order it directly from us via the contact page. There’s a new video coming soon too, but more on that later…

Site launch successful.

OK, it’s not exactly sending a rocket to the moon or launching a massive space-based telescope into orbit, but we have just launched our website and, amazingly, it all seems to work. It may be quite rudimentary but in our own small way this is something of a minor triumph. So well done us, and NASA feel free to get in touch whenever is convenient.