Paper Fishes are a UK-based indie rock band, formed by lead vocalist and songwriter Andre Levy as an outlet for his simmering discontent with himself, his friends, his family, 21st Century politics, and consumer-capitalist society. Their ultimate goal is to bring his analogue era disgruntlement and disillusionment kicking and screaming into the digital age.

Paper Fishes took their name from a collection of short stories by the American writer and artist Kristin Joyce Stevenson. Other short-listed band names were The Dead Beats Society, Boulevardiers, Kill Your Darlings, and Marginalia. Other writers they like include Umberto Eco, Kazuo Ishiguro, Thomas Pynchon and Kurt Vonnegut. They’re that kind of band. But they’re more, or less, than that too. Like the film Mallrats if you watch it backwards.

Paper Fishes released their debut album Instant Happiness in November 2021 on the UK indie label Irregular Patterns for streaming and download, as well as on expanded, limited edition vinyl available from Bandcamp and selected record stores in Bristol.

Andre Levy looks like this

And this

And sounds like this.